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ESA Air System

Your Environment Safety Application

We believe that everyone deserves a clean air meant solely for them. Claim yours with our team of trusted specialists and the most advance range of air sterilization products.

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How clean is the air you breathe?

Our business is to provide solutions to eliminate offensive odours and to help control illnesses and infections.

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"I am delighted with the performance of the AIRsteril Units and appreciate greatly the professionalism and subject matter expertise demonstrated by the AIRsteril Team. The “plug and play” PCO devices are virtually maintenance free, they have made an almost immediate effect on the quality of the working environment for our Endoscopy Disinfection Unit staff.

From a Health & Safety and decontamination perspective this a remarkable win-win. Air quality is healthier and cleaner containing no bio-aerosols and no particulates greater than 0.0001 microns which is far superior to HEPA filtration. These devices are now being used in treatment rooms in NHS Hospitals."

Darren Magee FInstLM ASEE DEngM ASME

Head of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering, NHS Hospital

"AIRsteril is amazing. We have saved over £11,100 a year on cleaning materials and perfumes, my staff absences have reduced by 20% and I have taken on more residents simply because ‘we smell nice’."


“We recognise that traditional cleaning and disinfection can often be compromised by human fallibility. With AIRsteril we have proven that science can provide us with a ‘belt and braces’ approach in addition to our existing best available techniques. Since installing AIRsteril, our bacteria TVC test results are now consistently excellent and we are committed to keeping it that way”.

Gary Luff, Production Manager of STEPHEN’S FRESH FOODS

“We decided to install Airsteril in our production and chill areas. We have been very impressed with the results. Since installation, our bacteria TVC test results are at an all-time low and because of this, we have recently obtained official EU approval to supply beef patties intended to be less than thoroughly cooked”.

Jack Grin, Technical Manager of SELECT BUTCHERY

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Jalan Tuanku Osman,

96000 Sibu

Lot 341, 1st Fl, Lrg 7A,

Jalan Ang Cheng Ho,

93100 Kuching

Tel: 013-810 9306


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